When:Sunday, February 19th, 2023
Where:Kane County Fairgrounds
525 S Randall Rd
St. Charles, IL
Time:8:00am to 2:00pm
Admission:$7.00 donation

BOPC 2023 Swap Meet Flyer & Registration


Trailers and vehicles are allowed in the building, but you will have to buy the appropriate spots to accommodate the vehicle AND Any additional tables. If you need to drive in just to unload unusually heavy or large items, and don’t intend to leave the vehicle inside, the management will try to accommodate you

Please call to help us arrange the floor planning and your unloading needs. If everyone tries to drive in with vehicles all at once, Sunday morning, it will be a demolition derby, not a swap meet. Therefore, items that you want in your space will usually have to be carried into the building. Vendors are responsible for providing their own dollies, equipment, and manpower to load their items into and out of the building. The building will be available to us at 6:00 PM, the Saturday before the swap. Please arrive between 6-9pm on Saturday. The management will keep the building open until 9pm to accommodate vendor set up. If you arrive after 9:00 PM the building will be locked. Setup also available 6 AM to 8 AM Sunday.

NOTE — there are no security guards Saturday night-Sunday morning on the grounds. Vendors can park overnight but “you’re on your own.” If you have large items or need to bring in a trailer, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU TRY TO GET SET UP ON SATURDAY EVENING;
No Smoking allowed inside of building.
No Pets allowed inside of building.
No Greasy I oily / dirty parts on floor.
No dragging of heavy items. Heavy items must be brought in on a cart.
Please bring your own tarp or floor covering if you have dirty items.
No Nails in walls or beams. Please use tape, thumbtacks or staples.
No items hung from the ceiling.
No Staples used on tables — tape , please.
No Alcoholic beverages.
No Open Caustic or acidic chemicals allowed in building.

IF YOU BRING A VEHICLE IN THE BUILDING, or TRAILER WITH FUEL CONTAINERS (propane, gasoline, etc) YOU MUST BRING A FULLY-CHARGED FIRE EXTINGUISHER and have it available at all times. (this is common sense. A fire, even minor, would cause panic)

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